Prices of pork and egg start to soar

  Chinanews, Beijing, May 25 – According to the Ministry1 of Commerce, since the supply of pork and egg can’t meet the great demand in the market, there is a great national pork and egg price hike in China.

  Statistics show that the average wholesale2 price of pork in 36 Chinese cities is 14.5 yuan per kg, 8.6% higher than the figure last April, and 43.1% higher than in the same period last year. Average egg price is 7 yuan per kg, 2.6% higher than last 烟台性息 month and 31.6% higher than last year.

  Since more pigs will be supplied and hens will enter laying period soon, the great demand will be met 兰州性息 soon. Besides, the ample supply of seafood3 and poultry4 will somewhat ease the problem, too, said the spokesperson of the Ministry of 杭州桑拿 Commerce.