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  Chinese A-share market becomes a big burgeoning market

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  Chinanews, Beijing, Aug 22 – Chinese A-share market is currently the largest new capital market in the world. The capitalization of the A-share market has now exceeded 20 trillion yuan, about the same as the country’s GDP figure.

  The statement was made by Qi Bin1, director of the China Securities Regulatory Commission Research Center while he attended a high-level economic forum2 last Sunday.

  With years of development, China’s capital market had made great achievement over the past decade, especially during last year when Chinese stock market witnessed a fundamental change against China’s sound macro economic background and with the country’s concerted efforts on various reforms. More and more people in 重庆桑拿 society have begun to recognize the importance of the capital market. Buying a share has now become a common way of investment for many Chinese families, Qi said.

  At present, Chinese capital market has witnessed some new opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, as Chinese economy further develops, more and more companies will rely on the capital market to do financing. On the other hand, China is faced with an 芜湖性息 urgent task to adjust its industrial structure and economic growth mode. The capital market will play a very important role in this transitional process. In addition, in building a harmonious3 society, China will try to set up a multi-tiered pension system and reform its medical insurance system. China is also faced with a task of building a new socialist4 countryside. The capital market will provide great financial support to accomplish these goals, Qi said.




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  He emptied several bags of rice into a bin.他把几袋米倒进大箱里。

  He threw the empty bottles in the bin.他把空瓶子扔进垃圾箱。





  They’re holding a forum on new ways of teaching history.他们正在举行历史教学讨论会。

  The organisation would provide a forum where problems could be discussed.这个组织将提供一个可以讨论问题的平台。





  Their harmonious relationship resulted in part from their similar goals.他们关系融洽的部分原因是他们有着相似的目标。

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  China is a socialist country,and a developing country 天津休闲会所 as well.中国是一个社会主义国家,也是一个发展中国家。

  His father was an ardent socialist.他父亲是一个热情的社会主义者。

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